Third Streaming (3S), 2009-2014, an arts space based in SoHo, was a key participant in New York City’s downtown arts and culture scene–supporting artists through the commissioning of new work, exhibitions, live art and a range of public programs integrating genres and disciplines. As part of our staunch commitment to increasing awareness around socially relevant issues, 3S partnered with artists, activists and other practitioners highlighting their work as cultural agents.

Third Streaming gained a reputation among the downtown scene as a site for experimentation, innovative programming, and a space for the exchange of creative ideas. All of these activities were in service of our mission: To serve artists through in-depth consideration and the presentation of their work; and to introduce it into public contexts through exhibitions, screenings, performances and other public programs.

Throughout our five-year history, Third Streaming provided a platform for a wide range of artistic and curatorial programs, and for discussions related to the social, political and cultural issues of the time. It is from this notion, that we began our PALADAR events in 2011, a series of dinners conceived by artists who love to cook.

PALADAR at Third Streaming was a food and art community project that took its inspiration from the Cuban paladares; it brought together the creative community of New York City and beyond. Guest chefs, visual artists, most of who have never introduced the concept of food or cooking into their artistic practice were invited to create a menu and concept for the evening. The experience of working collaboratively with the Paladar team of chefs, wine curator and artistic director was often an enriching experience for invited artists. As a result, after participating in the Paladar project, several artists begun introducing the medium of food and cooking into their artistic practice.

Paladar events provided a platform for artists to experiment with the art of cooking, while dinners served as informal platforms for discussion, interaction and engagement. Invited guests, who signed up on a first-come, come-serve basis, represented a diverse group of individuals: members of the creative community, tastemakers and individuals with an interest in the arts.

Each artist worked closely with Yona Backer, founding director of 3S, Ron Pierre Jean Gilles, chef; Peter La Guerre, mixologist; and Nick Duble and Mabel Morales, both sous chefs, to prepare a five-course meal. Each course was paired with a specific wine selected by Charles von Herrlich, our wine curator and owner of Von, who secured wine sponsors for each dinner. Music, lighting and the table setting were tailored to the theme of the evening, creating an immersive and creative environment in which guests felt welcomed and inspired. Many volunteers and interns participated in the activities leading up to the dinners, which typically consisted of 30-35 guests. Food costs were kept low in order to ensure that ticket prices would remain accessible to anybody who wanted to come. Guests would typically comment how they developed new friendships or collaborators with other attendees as a result of these dinners.

Currently, we are developing a publication on the series, highlighting the relationship between art, food and conversation. Please click here if you would like to make a contribution to the publication. You will be acknowledged in the book, and for contributions at $50 and above, you will receive a complimentary copy in return for your generous donation.


The Real Fake: An Experiment in Molecular Gastronomy
Claudia Hart, Monday, November 21, 2011

Photos by Whitney Browne

The Milky Way – Get your Orgone On- “EAT IT”
Diana Puntar, March 27th, 2013

Photos by Whitney Browne

Derrick Adams, October 1st, 2014

Exotic Baroque
Vasco Araújo, Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos by Whitney Browne

Mary Ellen Carroll, Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photos by Whitney Browne


Emilio Perez
Wednesday, 15th January, 2014

Photos by Whitney Browne