We work side by side with our clients, bringing our outsiders’ objectivity and insiders’ knowledge of the arts & culture field to our client’s vision.


“Yona has worked closely with our team to provide professional development and the implementation of systems tailored to our needs so that we could be more effective with our fundraising strategy from foundations.

In three years, our income from foundations has doubled.”

— Renaud Proch, Executive Director, Independent Curators International


More information about individual services is included below.


Services for Organizations & Foundations


“The journey of discovery begins not with new vistas but with having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust


We provide strategy on the practice of relationship, dialogue, and the deep connections that energize people and communities. We turn visions and passion into reality and results. We ask the tough, deep questions that reveal limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits. We provide practical counsel and strategy on how to change course. We help our clients understand how to best leverage existing networks and resources, as well as tap into new ones. 

We bring decades of front-line fundraising experience and expertise to each engagement.

We work with staff and leadership, guiding nascent major gift programs and development operations alike. We understand that in the nonprofit sector, philanthropy is the catalyst that transforms ideas into impact ⁠— and that means everything your organization wants to accomplish tomorrow depends on your fundraising success today.

We help you chart a path to greater impact and sustainable success through institutional visioning and strategic planning for organization and fundraising programs, and we offer board development, training, recruitment, and support for other governance matters.


Menu of Organization & Foundation Services:

  • Strategy, mission, and vision consulting

  • Analysis, evaluation, and impact studies

  • Leadership coaching

  • Board and staff retreat facilitation

  • Board training and development

  • Fundraising and development strategic planning

  • Strategic planning for community engagement

  • Research and production services

  • Public and educational program development

  • Program evaluation

  • Fundraising and development

  • Curation & public program development


Individual Artists & Estates


Live fearlessly with love.

— Robert Rauschenberg

Alvin Baltrop, Pier 52, c. 1975. Image courtesy of The Alvin Baltrop Trust.

Alvin Baltrop, Pier 52, c. 1975. Image courtesy of The Alvin Baltrop Trust.



  • Legacy Planning

  • Estate Management

  • Professional Development

  • Market Advice and Strategic Planning

Legacy Planning

We offer strategic planning for clients, executors, and their advisors charged with stewarding a creative legacy to accomplish the specific objectives of future or existing trusts and estates, with a focus on legacy planning, market analysis, philanthropic objectives, and the transfer of the collection’s assets through both sales and gifts.  



Executive Coaching & Professional Development Workshops


A horizon is nothing but the limit of our sight.

— Rossiter Raymond


We are dedicated to turning out the most effective, visionary leaders of nonprofits. We provide you with the knowledge, communication skills, tools, and resources to serve as a high-impact leader of your organization. We work one-on-one and with teams. We custom design the project to meet your specific needs and work from the ground up to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders. You will unleash your own potential and transform your organization.


3S offers a variety of customized workshops for artists on how to create sustainable practices and legacy planning.

Mary Ellen Carroll, "Stronger Than Dirt" (2010). Installation shot at Third Streaming Gallery, 2010. Image credit Whitney Browne.

Mary Ellen Carroll, "Stronger Than Dirt" (2010). Installation shot at Third Streaming Gallery, 2010. Image credit Whitney Browne.